Armorers Locker

our sole objective is to produce firearms of only the highest quality form and function at extremely competitive prices. We use only proven, precision components provided by the most highly regarded manufacturers in the industry.

We stand behind every firearm we make and will not ship an Armorers Locker firearm before undergoing extensive functional testing and quality assurance cross-checks. Every Armorers Locker firearm comes with a lifetime warranty and includes the Armorers Locker Legacy Transfer program, allowing the no-cost transfer of your warranty to a family member.

Armorers Locker offers complete firearms to consumers ranging from recreational to competition shooters. Complete upper assemblies are also available to consumers. Additionally, Armorers Locker produces rifles under contract, built to the specific requirements of law enforcement and the U.S. military.

All Armorers Locker firearms are constructed entirely from components made in the United States of America. At Armorers Locker we are proud Life Members of the NRA, and fervent supporters of the right guaranteed to U.S. citizens in the 2nd
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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