X-RINGS  review of the ARMORERS LOCKER 9MM PCC Match Rifle 

We are beyond honored to announce that X-RING has done a review of our 9MM PCC Match Rifle, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you! And Yes, this is the very same rifle that our Armorers Locker competition shooters are using and WINNING with.  

A BIG THANK YOU to X-RING for taking the time to do a review of our 9MM PCC Match Rifle and for helping us get our brand established, it means the world to us!

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X-RING Review of our 9MM PCC March Rifle- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpb5nEWcOK4&t=2s

X-RING Channel-

Armorers Locker 9MM PCC Match Rifle-

Beyond 'MIL-SPEC'

Firearms built for the U.S. military must meet MIL-SPEC requirements addressing everything from firearm dimensions and materials, to performance testing and durability specifications. Meeting MIL-SPEC requirements helps to ensure that rifles taken into battle will perform as intended, and rifles of the same model will have compatible and interchangeable components and ammunition, regardless of the manufacturer.

Interestingly, some firearm manufacturers use ‘MIL-SPEC’ as a catchphrase – a marketing term meant to imply superior quality. The U.S. military is certainly not in the business of deploying men and women armed with tools that won’t get the job done. However, while MIL-SPEC rightly defines acceptable tolerances and dimensions, achieving optimal performance demands greater precision.

At Armorers Locker, we only use precision components and hardware produced in the United States of America*. We custom-build and tune every firearm to surpass MIL-SPEC parameters, delivering optimal accuracy and range. An Armorers Locker firearm only ships after test firing and successful completion of our 38-step quality assurance examination.

*Note to China-based manufacturers: Sorry, not interested!

VENOM Tactical Handguards

Until now, the focus on handguards has been primarily on aesthetics, mounting options, weight and price – all important but, beyond the introduction of free-floating handguards, little has been done to tighten up your groups.

Our Venom handguards were specifically designed with ergonomics as a driving factor. Venom handguards include an integrated, recessed grip region providing for more comfortable and stable positioning, helping to improve your sight picture and target acquisition – all leading to greater accuracy.

Lightweight Venom Handguards, available in lengths ranging from 7 to 17 inches, are included with your complete rifle or rifle upper purchase.


Whether you’re a competition shooter, a hunter, in law enforcement or serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, superior firearm accuracy and reliability is paramount. At Armorers Locker, we employ exacting tolerances uncharacteristic in the firearm industry in every rifle we make, ensuring optimal performance and reliability – and flawless fit. SHIMS? RATTLES? NO WAY.

A 'Warranty for the Ages'

When you purchase an Armorers Locker firearm, we want you to do so with confidence – assured your firearm will function and perform properly. To this end, we proudly stand behind every firearm we ship:

If you’re not completed satisfied with your purchase, we extend an ‘Inspection Period’ during which we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing for the correction of any defects at our expense or, at your discretion, a full refund of the amount of your firearm purchase. For details and conditions, (click here.)

Following the Inspection Period, your Armorers Locker Limited Lifetime Warranty will go into effect. Our warranty ensures that Armorers Locker will address any defects in material or workmanship that negatively affect operation, for your entire lifetime. We’ll repair the defect or replace the defective item as warranted. For details and conditions, (click here).

Our confidence in the quality of our firearms is exhibited by our lifetime warranty. Moreover, our confidence extends to a period that will likely last longer than you will! For this reason, we include the Armorers Locker Legacy Transfer program. If you decide you’d like to legally ‘gift’ your firearm to a family member, the program provides for the transfer of your Armorers Locker warranty to your named recipient. For details and conditions, (click here).